GUITAR2-D2 is finally COMPLETE!!!

So, I know this isn’t a sketch - but since it’s based on a sketch I did, I figured it was still appropriate to put on here. I mostly want to post it because it took me forever to finish, and dammit I’m proud of myself!

Go ahead and call me vain, just as long as you call me brilliant in the same breath… and modest. 

The body is custom cut from 2 pieces of poplar. The neck was ordered from a custom place here in SF. Most of the guitar guts were from a used Ibanez I got off of Craigslist. The details of the guitar were hand painted with acrylic paint. The front and back are protected by clear acrylic sheet which I cut and beveled by hand using a Dremel (also found on Craigslist). 

Next time somebody asks me what geek rock is, I will show them this.

3 years ago
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