Croctopus, obviously.

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1 year ago

Consider this my anticlimactic return to Tumblr.

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Tanks, but no tanks.

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I told you. And here I am with my Shy Guy model. You all doubted. I really am not sure why.

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Robots! Ah!

2 years ago

My next 3D model… It’s gonna happen.

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…Any questions?

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Self portrait as a robot

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No matter what holiday you celebrate this year, Merry Christmas.

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New Business Cards!

Eight different colors, and a unique hand-drawn back to each that just cries out: Give me a job! If I give one of these to you, you should probably frame it.

2 years ago

From now on, you guys come up with the captions for these things - either through Tumblr or Facebook. 


2 years ago

This is a picture I drew of a viking eating a Fudgesicle that I drew.

I drew it.

3 years ago

Biped Fish Suit GO!

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